Hair Cut
A new hair cut can change the way you look and compel people to notice you. It can also make you look fresher, more graceful and energetic ...
Hair Colour
Hair color can vary depending on the ethnic origin of a person or on the changes in melanin levels in the hair follicles ...
Using foils for hair highlighting ensures better control of the highlight placement, allows for easy management of the extent of highlighting ...
As an ancient method of hair removal that relied on cotton threads to get rid of the finest and tiniest hair right from their roots ...
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Other Popular Procedures
Waxing & Threading
Waxing and threading are two common methods of removing unwanted hair. Waxing refers to the application of wax on the skin in order to trap ... READ MORE
Facial & Bleaching
A facial (deep-pore cleansing) is the use of skin treatment procedures that clean, exfoliate, and nourish the skin in order to promote a well-hydrated ... READ MORE